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Our Process

Our Process

Call Us
Chris and Lorna Affronti pride themselves on personal attention and service. You won’t find a computer-generated auto attendant on this website asking how they can help you. You won’t find a form asking you to email us your name, phone number and brief description of why you want us to contact you either. Start by calling the office and talking to one of our fantastic staff. Plan on spending about 15 minutes on the phone having a conversation with a real person. They will take some basic information and schedule a consultation. Afterwards, they will send you a confirming email and a list of suggested documents you bring to the first consultation.
During the initial consultation Chris or Lorna will go over the process and how it might apply to your situation. Depending on your situation, they might discuss some or all of the following:
  • Timelines and procedures for your divorce, child support, custody or other family law case;
  • How your assets and debts might get distributed;
  • What you may have to pay or might receive for child support or maintenance.
There is a fee for the consultation. The cost might vary depending on your situation. Plan on walking out of the consultation with more information than you had going in.
Devise A Strategy
Dissolving a marriage, dividing property, and navigating custody disputes is not easy. There are no one word answers to your questions. Usually, there are multiple ways to proceed. Once Chris and Lorna know your facts, they will help you develop a solution and how to get there.
Retain Us
Before we can tell you anything, we need to know the facts associated with your case. Depending on the situation, we may quote you a retainer at the end of the consultation. Affronti, LLC does not have a “standard” retainer. Every case is different. Some people are ready to proceed or have already been served with papers. Others are "just looking for information." In those cases, we might not quote a retainer at all. Others are asking for second opinions or want Chris or Lorna to review a proposed agreement another attorney or mediator drafted. We might not quote a retainer in those circumstances either.